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November 2023 Edition
COTS, Components, Command + Warfighter Comms Support, Mobility, Electronic Warfare (EW), COTM / COTP / COTH
Space Systems Command — Forging A Purpose-Built Service, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command
U.S. Space Force Delta prototypes is the next step in the development of America’s newest military service.
Space Systems Command Briefing — Space Systems Command Briefing — The Junior Guardians Forum Helps Young Officers Grow Their Careers, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command
We want to make sure that the U.S. Space Force has the leadership and the knowledge base among young decisionmakers.
Space Systems Command Update, Security Space Launch Phase 2 Procurement assignments completed by SSC
United Launch Alliance (ULA) received 11 mission assignments and  Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) received 10. 
A New Era Of Digitization, Simon Swift, Engineering Director - Digital Technologies, ETL Systems, and Vice Chair of the DIFI Working Group
Increasing capacity and service is now a key aim for global militaries.
Government Satellite Report: New technologies Enabling JWC and CJADC2, David Pesgraves
An integrated and threat-informed Joint Warfighting Concept (JWC) would serve as the blueprint.
D-Orbit Securing Our Space Infrastructure, Stefano Antonetti, Vice President, Business Development, D-Orbit
Space debris in Earth’s orbit is quickly reaching a tipping point.
SSPI PRIME: How to gain and keep the high ground, SSPI Editorial Team
Today, the high ground is much, much higher.
COMMAND CENTER: Huey Wyche II, Technical Director, GuardianSat
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