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January 2020 Edition
Tactical Comms, COTS, MILSATCOM Technologies
Dispatches Part I, U.S. Space Force • GAO’s analysis of DoD • Boeing-built WGS-11 to USAF
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Dispatches Part II, Sierra Nevada Corp. and Air Force Research Lab • Orbit Communications aviation terminal • GomSpace to deliver SDRs • Envistacom order from U.S. Army • Northrop Grumman’s customer plans • SMC to enable WGS-11+ • Israel Aerospace Industries
Information & News by the Editors 
Crucial Comms Support for Hurricane Dorian’s Emergency Efforts, By Madison Musgraves, SDG Specialist for the Sustainable Development Practice, Maxar Technologies; Benjamin Kennedy, Customer Technical Solutions for BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products™ (GXP®) Group; and Lauren Vatier, National Planning Lead, Team Rubicon.
First responders can assess the extent of a disaster’s damage prior to arriving on the scene, create plans based on the most recent data and more efficiently help those in need.
The Government Satellite Report, By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, GSR, and MilsatMagazine Senior Contributor
Traditionally, the time it takes the military to design, develop, build and launch a new satellite means that, by the time they launch a new satellite, the technologies on it are no longer cutting edge.
COTS Processing Evolution, By Scott Anderson, President and Co-Founder,SEAKR Engineering, Inc., SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is key to achieving the full promise of evolving new constellations. This requires unique, on board processing that has never previously been flown.
Protecting Space Assets, By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat Government
As more and more objects enter space, we will always seek improved information from this data to safely navigate this ever-changing and increasingly complex environment.
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