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September 2019 Edition
Dispatches Part I, United States Space Command is formally established • USAF’s AEHF-5 satellite successfully launched by United Launch Alliance • South Australian SMEs win defense industry contracts • Kleos Space gains USAF SBIR Phase 1 contract
Milsat News and Products of Note
Dispatches Part II, C-COM debuts their latest, auto-pointing antenna • Viasat completes NATO SATCOM control stations upgrades • Get SAT and GRC forge a strategic, cooperation relationship • USSPACOM Commands • GPS III SV 2 launches successfully
Milsat News and Products of Note
State of the Space Industrial Base: Threats, Challenges and Actions A Whitepaper Executive Summary, By Dr. Thomas Cooley, Air Force Research Laboratory Colonel Eric Felt, Air Force Research Laboratory Colonel Steven J. Butow, Defense Innovation Unit
“The United States of America has no intention of finishing second in space. This effort is expensive — but it pays its way for freedom and for America.” President John. F. Kennedy
Briefing: NOW SPACE—Normalizing, Optimizing and Winning in the space domain, By David J. Buck, Lieutenant General, USAF (Ret.), former Commander, 14th Air Force, Air Force Space Command, Joint Functional Component Command for Space — U.S. President and CEO, Buck Consulting Group
Before I launch into this article, I want to recognize those leaders in the Department of Defense (DoD), Civil and Commercial sectors who are leading the charge to normalize and optimize the space domain.
The Improving World of Military SOTM: Boosting critical mission success, By Raz Cohen, Vice President, Products, Get SAT
No longer does a soldier need to rendezvous with a mobile communication vehicle. No longer do warfighters have to visit a frontline HQ tent to obtain new maps or upload mission results or to view the next mission.
Powered by Satellite...Making MILCOM Better: A boost for Link 16 military radio, By Alex Miller, Editor, Inside Viasat
The recent announcement that Viasat is developing a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite for Link 16 military communications is a perfect illustration of how the company is able to connect core competencies. In this case, Viasat’s expertise in satellite technology, tactical data links and network encryption will come together in the XVI program to vastly improve the ability of warfighters to communicate on the battlefield.
Making a Way in the Universe, By Ricardo Gonzalez, Director of Space Systems, BAE Systems
BAE Systems’ space organization is focused on providing operational agility to the space security community.
Lack of Interoperability Inhibits Mission-Criticial Comms Across Agencies, By Henrik Nørrelykke, Vice President, Land Mobile, Cobham SATCOM
First responders, homeland security agencies and military personnel are subject to some of the most daunting scenarios in the extreme regions on Earth
RF Components are the Keys...for good military satellite applications, By Dr. Esen Bayer, Managing Director, Atlantic Microwave
The selection of the most suitable RF products requires a good understanding of their specifications and intended applications.
MANTA+: Dynamic Satellite COTM is a Reality, By Lyuda Promyshlyayeva, Director of Marketing, Lepton Global Solutions
For SOF users, cellular capabilities in the field present threats and opportunities and the ideal scenario is to be able to harness or avoid cellular networks as needed.
The Government Satellite Report (GSR): SES & O3b mPOWER, By Ryan Schradin, Executive Editor, Government Satellite Report

When compared to traditional satellite constellations at Geostationary Orbit (GEO), just the physical proximity of a MEO constellation to Earth reduces the overall latency.
Launching the Next Chapter of Innovation...Government mission support through commercial partnerships, By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat Government, Inc.
To take part in this exciting era of innovation and help the U.S. government forge a path to integrated SATCOM / MILSATCOM architectures of the future is highly encouraging — even inspiring.
Users Are Being Sought...for the NRL Plasma Physics Division’s Space Chamber, By Emanuel Cavallaro, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Public Affairs
By mounting hardware, such as probes or miniature satellites, on a 3D-positioning system, the researchers can move the hardware within the full volume of the chamber through different areas of the plasma in precision fashion.
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