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January 2022 Edition
MILSATCOM Technologies,Tactical Comms, Ground Systems and Networks, Satellite Monitoring, COTS,
Dispatches I, U.S. Space Force • Northrop Grumman • SES GS
Defense and Government Information and News by the Editors
Dispatches II, SES Government Solutions • MOOG • CACI • ETL • HawkEye 360
Defense and Government Information and News by the Editors
Spelling Innovation With Three Letters: GSU, Author: United States Space Force (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC)
The USSF’s Space Systems Command (SSC) depends on the work of thousands of Guardians at its Geographically Separate Units (GSUs) around the country. 
Government Satellite Report (GSR ) — #1, Ryan Schradin, Editor, GovSat
Everything that the military is developing and piloting for use in battle today needs connectivity.
A Constellations Conversation With Bill Joo, Special Projects Engineer, U.S. Navy
The emergence of new SATCOM capabilities is helping the DoD pursue imperatives such as resilience and multi-domain joint operations across the armed forces.
Focus: Maxar, A Route-planning solution for the British Army
Maxar was tasked with creating a solution that delivers the safest and most appropriate routes for military convoys in real time via a digital platform. 
A Conversation With Peter Kant, Chief Executive Officer, Accion Systems
He brings two decades of experience at the nexus of business, government, technology and policy
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