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March 2023 Edition
March: ASATs, Protected Comms, Space Defense, UAV/RPA/AUV, MILSATCOM Technologies, Tactical Comms, Satellite Monitoring
Dispatches I, Innoflight • U.S. Air Force + Northrop Grumman • L3Harris • SSC • Magellan Aerospace • Boeing + Shield AI
Government and Industry News intercepted and deciphered the Editors
Dispatches II, AFRL • Raytheon I&S • Boeing • Northrop Grumman • DARPA • Ball Aerospace • CesiumAstro
Government and Industry News intercepted and deciphered the Editors
Space As A Warfighting Domain: Evolving concerns and required solutions, BIS Research Editorial Team
Defense agencies remained active in maintaining a certain set of space capabilities before migrating to using commercial versions.
Government Satellite Report, Ryan Schradin
The U.S. military will need to work as a single unit and not disparate services.
Defense Primer: Procurement, Heidi M. Peters, Analyst in U.S. Defense Acquisition Policy + Brendan W. McGarry, Analyst in U.S. Defense Budget
The Department of Defense (DoD) procurement appropriations title provides funds for non-construction-related investment costs.
Space Systems Command Space-Based Weather Data Forecast... Critical Informational Advantage for Joint Warfighters, Space Systems Command Editorial Team
The OSS EWS cubesat prototype is a novel solution provided by a non-traditional supplier.
Enabling the U.S. Military’s JADC2 Vision with Innovative Technologies, Dave Micha, President, Intelsat Government Communications (IGC)
JADC2 strategy aims to enable real-time coordination of assets and enhanced communications across highly distributed land, air, sea, space and cybersecurity domains.
The Power Of Collaboration: Intelsat’s Hurricane Ian Disaster Response, Joel Schroeder, Director, Land Mobile Product, Intelsat
Satellite connectivity was crucial in arming first responders.
A Conversation with Andrew Bond, ETL Systems, Digitizing + Decoupling: Designing a path for even stronger SATCOM
We are approaching the start of a new era of digitization in the satellite ground segment.
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