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September 2023 Edition
MILSATCOM Innovation, Advanced Technologies, Cybersecurity / Cyber Defense, Defense Agencies
Dispatches I, Airbus + Blacktree • Benchmark • Boeing • Rocket Lab • NGA, NRO, USSPACECOM • SAS • Secure World Foundation
Milsat and Government News by the Editors
Dispatches II, SES Space & Defense • Shield AI • SDA smallsats • RTX • USSF + Viasat • IARPA
Milsat and Government News by the Editors
Government Satellite Report, David Pesgraves
There have been three, distinct, space ages
Space Systems Command (SSC): The A B Cs of Orbital Mechanics, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command
Where does space start?
The Work of The 18th Space Defense Squadron, SDA Operations Center
A tour of the 18 SDS operations floor.
MILSATCOM Innovation For Comms-On-The-Move, Tim Hillner, Chief Technology Officer + Co-Founder, Fairwinds Technologies
A vehicle must be able to deploy its weapons without sacrificing the ability to maintain communications.
Nexgen MILSATCOM Exploring emerging trends + innovations in SDRs, Brandon Malatest, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, Per Vices
SDRs are versatile devices that use software algorithms to perform a wide range of communication functions.
A Quick Chat With Emilia Dobek, GISS, + Andrew Bond, ETL Systems, Fueling Innovation
It’s paramount that anything touching the network is secure.
Ground Tactical Radios: Spreading the Word, Aniket Roy, Senior Business Analyst, Stratview Research
Military communication devices have seen a fair share of development and the era of smoke signals, semaphores/
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