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Interference, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR/AISR/C4ISR), Security, Carrier ID Implementation
Dispatches Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
Dispatches Part II, Information & News, by the Editors
Milsat News and Products of Note
Weighing Proprietary Versus Industry Standards For Government Solutions, By Karl Fuchs, Vice President of Technology, iDirect Government, + Senior Contributor
Should government products adhere to industry standards or rely on proprietary solutions in today’s environment? Opinions vary on this subject.
2014 Was A Very Good Year... For Boeing’s GPS IIF Satellites, By Dan Hart, Vice President, Boeing Government Space Systems
Boeing continues its support for the U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System (GPS) program, delivering four GPS IIF satellites into service in 2014. 
NSR Analysis: COMSATCOM Capacity: DIY... Or?, By Brad Grady, Senior Analyst, NSR USA
Every homeowner will eventually reach a point where they will ask themselves, “If I was to remodel my kitchen, would I
Do-it-Myself or get a Kitchen-as-a-Service?” 
Doing Away With Battery Fade, Thanks To MEPS, By Jonathan Kasper, Project Enginner + Greg Semrau, Systems Engineer, Moog, Inc.
A satellite’s electrical power system (EPS), typically based in solar cells and batteries, can be taxed with development of new loads and use cases.
Protected Communications: An Intelsat General Technology Perspective, By Tim Turk, Direct of Engineering, Intelsat General Corporation (IGC)
With the rise of network-centric warfare, the connectivity and situational awareness delivered by SATCOM has never been more vital. Potential adversaries are experimenting with ways to disrupt the satellite bandwidth that provides our forces with critical ISR superiority in theater.
31st Space Symposium Honors + Event Preview, By Carol Hivey, Director, Public Relations + Team Communications, Space Foundation
The annual Space Symposium provides an ideal opportunity for the Space Foundation to present its top awards. For 2015, the Board of Directors of the Space Foundation unanimously selected Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), as the recipient of its highest honor—the General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award.
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