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February 2023 Edition
February: Military/Agency/Government SmallSat Technologies, Secure Comms, AI, Analytics
Dispatches I, Space Systems Command • Airbus • Kratos • DARPA + NASA • Orbit Communications
Government and Industry News intercepted and deciphered the Editors
Dispatches II, USAF • Smiths Interconnect • Northrop Grumman • Indra •
Government and Industry News intercepted and deciphered the Editors
Dispatches III, Northrop Grumman • Speedcast • Ball Aerospace • Guardians at Virginia Tech
Government and Industry News intercepted and deciphered the Editors
Combined Space Operations Vision 2031, Space is integral to modern multi-domain military operations
Space has evolved into a contested and congested operational domain.
Combined Space Operations Center Space Delta 5, Joint Task Force-Space Defense
Department of Defense’s premier space operations center
Government Satellite Report (GSR), David Pesgraves
SES Space & Defense’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, Jay Icard.
Solving Commercial Space Manufacturers Cybersecurity Concerns With Secured Digital Engineering, Eric Conway, Senior Vice President Technology, BigBear.ai
Secured Digital Engineering—will decrease costs for manufacturers, improve development speed and bolster the security of space assets
Space Systems Command — Unity Of Effort Space Systems Integration office works to maximize the U.S. Space Enterprise, Lisa Sodders, Space Systems Command Public Affairs Office
As the Space Force enters its fourth year of operations, the benefits of the new service are becoming more visible.
CONSTELLATIONS: From emerging technologies to training a fully capable Space Force, the Constellations podcast has hosted various defense officials working on some of the biggest challenges in space., Constellations’ Best Military Podcast Episodes
U.S. Department of Defense continues to be the single largest investor in satellite technology.
Command Center: Kevin Steen, Chief Executive Officer, OneWeb Technologies
OneWeb Technologies is the U.S. proxy company of OneWeb and our focus is the U.S. government.
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