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CONSTELLATIONS: From emerging technologies to training a fully capable Space Force, the Constellations podcast has hosted various defense officials working on some of the biggest challenges in space.
Constellations’ Best Military Podcast Episodes


The U.S. Department of Defense continues to be the single largest investor in satellite technology. Constellations interviews with DoD leaders have focused on the needs and capabilities that are defining industry partnerships as well as the future of all- domain warfare.


Here are the top Constellations podcasts featuring guests from the armed forces.

Major General Shawn

Preparing Future Guardians

Major General Shawn Bratton

Training and educating the United States Space Force (USSF)

Guardians of tomorrow is the biggest challenge facing Commander of the Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM) Maj. Gen. Shawn Bratton.

Speaking to Constellations on the one-year anniversary of STARCOM, Bratton discussed how the USSF is combining new technologies, simulators and live drills to train for competition and conflict in the space domain.”

Dr. Frank Turner

Accelerating Space Acquisition

Dr. Frank Turner
pace Development Agency


The Space Development Agencys (SDA) role in constructively disrupting the acquisitions process has been an important change for the Department of Defense (DoD).

SDA Technical Director Dr. Frank Turner addressed the agencys push to accelerate the process with a two-year spiral development approach currently being used to fast-track the development of Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) transport layer.

Constellations is your connection to the leaders, innovators and ideas that are shaping the future of space. Constellations was launched by Kratos in 2017 as the first industry podcast dedicated to space technology. Today, thousands of influencers in industry, academia and government subscribe to the Constellations podcast and digital publication as the authoritative link to voices from space.

Dr. Lisa Costa

Building the First Digital Service

Dr. Lisa Costa
TIO U.S. Space Force


USSF is the first service to be born in the digital age. Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Dr. Lisa Costa spoke to Constellations about what is involved in making the first digital service.

Costa addressed the strategy to support the joint forces with cutting-edge space technology, from engineering and operations, to leveraging the skills of an IT-fluent, STEM- educated class of Guardians.

Major General Brook

Leveraging Innovation

Major General Brook J. Leonard
Chief of Staff, U.S. Space Command

Major General Brook Leonard is responsible for coordinating decision-making among staff in the warfighting component of USSF. Brook described SPACECOMs focus on outmaneuvering adversaries through superior technology innovation, thinking and force organization. Rather than an incremental evolution, Brook emphasized “revolutionary jumps in innovation.”

Colonel Eric Felt

AFRLs ‘Big Idea Pipeline’

Colonel Eric Felt
Past Director of the Air Force Research Lab(AFRL), Space Vehicles Directorate


Colonel Felt described his organizations work as the “big idea pipeline” for national defense space.

Felt, who now serves as executive director of the Space Forces Architecture, Science and Technology Directorate, discussed developments in cislunar operations, W and V-band communications and proliferated LEO as a game- changing capability for the warfighter.

Lt. Gen. John Shaw


Deterring Wars in Space

Lieutenant General John Shaw
U.S. Space Command

The “sun never sets on space operations,” according to Deputy Commander of U.S. Space Command, Lt. Gen. John Shaw who spoke to Constellations about the role of USSF in projecting strength to deter conflict in space. Shaw was with USSF from its inception and addressed how the perception of space has shifted from a benign area of operations to a warfighting domain.