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June 2022 Edition
Emergency Comms, NGOs/First Responders, Program Management, Strategic Planning
Dispatches I: Redwire / Northrop Grumman + Aeronix, Inc. / Raytheon Intelligence + Space / Valiant Shield Command Joint Forces Exercise
Dispatches I, Redwire • Northrop Grumman • Raytheon Intelligence & Space • U.S. Indo-Pacific Command •
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches II, SEAKR Engineering • ThinKom + CarlisleIT • ND SATCOM • BAE Systems • Globalstar
Government and Industry News from the Editors
Dispatches III, Collins Aerospace • SlingShot Satellite Communications • ATLAS Space Operations • NRO
Government and Industry News from the Editors
The Benefit Of Flexible Modems For Tactical MILSAT COM Ops, Chad Gatlin, Chief Executive Officer, and Dave Meadows, Division Vice President, Advanced Programs, NIC4
Improved Resiliency, Robustness, Flexibility and Manageability
Transforming Forward Command Posts With Transportable Tracking Terminals, A Conversation with Kevin McMahon, Senior Director of Sales for Government + Defense Solutions, Cobham Satcom
High speed, resilient data relays are critical for more control loops and more time on target.
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI): New Solutions for New Challenges, Carlo Rizzo, Chief Commercial Officer, QuadSAT
There has been an ascendancy in the number of RFI incidents being identified within satellite communications (SATCOM). 
Space Systems Command — Streamlined Access To Space, Space Systems Command
The mission is to survey all National Security Space (NSS) Launch missions for multi- manifest opportunities.
Space Weather Forecast: New Challenges Ahead, Terry Onsager, physicist, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) & Bryan Davis, physical scientist for SSC’s Space Domain Awareness acquisition delta
Space weather affects our infrastructure, our satellite fleet, our power grids and airlines
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