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Warfighter Mobility, Antennas/Terminals, RF/Microwave/Laser/Optical Comms, Airborne Comms, Military Broadband Technologies
Dispatches Part I, SpaceX • Northrop Grumman • U.S.A.F • Iridium • General Atomics • Northrop Grumman • Gilat • USSF
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Dispatches Part II, Avanti • Northrop Grumman • Innoflight • Kymeta • Xenesis • Viasat • The Space Report • Microchip
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Dispatches Part III, Space Dynamics Laboratory • Arqit • Thales + Telespazio • Queensland Gov • RUAG Space • Cybersecurity • Umbra • Airbus
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Dispatches Part IV, Raytheon Technologies • Maxar • Kymeta • Comtech Xicom • SAIC • OVZON • SES • Comtech Government Solutions
News and Information by the Editors
Acquisitions @ The Speed Of Space, USSF’s Space and Missile Systems Center
SSC Standup will continue to streamline and expedite the space systems acquisition process.
U.S. Space Force, National Space Council and the Case for Public-Private Partnerships, Vincent Townsend, Associate, and Elizabeth Evans, Partner, K&L Gates
The newest military branch had full support. 
Cybersecurity In MILSATCOM, Roly Rigual, Vice President of Sales Engineering, iDirect Government (iDirectGov)
Satellite’s large geographic coverage and transmission medium makes it especially susceptible to attacks
Deep Space Domain Awareness In The Modern Era, Authors: Dr. Jacob D. Griesbach and Christopher J. Grant, Ball Aerospace
The conversion to SDA stemmed from the realization that awareness must be actor/intent-cognizant and timely.
INTEL: HawkEye 360—The U.S. Government Must Provide Bold Leadership To Accelerate Innovation & Adoption Of U.S. Commercial Space Capabilities, Dr. Michael Mineiro, Vice President for Legal, Regulatory and Government Affairs, HawkEye 360
Commercial space is a vibrant part of America’s innovation ecosystem.
DeBriefing: Josh Miner, Vice President of Land Mobile Services, Iridium Communications
Josh Miner is the Vice President and General Manager for the Land Mobile line of business at Iridium Communications Inc.
Commercial Based, Two-Layer Encryption Improves Battlefield Mobility, Charlie Kawasaki, Chief Technical Officer, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, PacStar
Ensure warfighters have maximum situational awareness.
A Kratos Constellations Conversation With Nicolas Chaillan, Chief, Software Office, U.S. Air Force
We learn about radical new initiatives that are enabling faster, more secure software.
Government Satellite Report (GSR), Ryan Schradin, Editor, Government Satellite Report
Smaller Terminals, Higher Throughput
Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) — Science Fiction Or Reality?, Robert Rigsby, Senior Director COCOMs and Integrated Development, SES-GS
New technologies are considered “disruptive” when their introduction changes the fundamental way in which we live, work or accomplish day-to-day tasks. 
Path Diversity With Satellite Connectivity Fortifies Comms For Emergency Response, Tony Bardo, Assistant Vice President of Government Solutions, Hughes Network Systems
Forecasters warn Americans to brace for yet another active, above-normal season this year.
Debriefing: Brian Billman and Pete Hoene, Brian is the Vice President of Product development for Isotropic Systems and Pete Hoene is the Chief Executive Officer for SES Government Solutions
Lower launch costs and new satellite technology has led to an explosion of capacity and capabilities in space. 
Focus: Kleos Space, Peter Round, Chairman, Kleos Space
Kleos collects, processes and delivers data from the company’s satellites.
Spacecraft Ground Ops Benefit From Cloud Environments, Crystalyn Koch, Strategic Communications, Parsons’ Space and Geospatial Solutions
Historically, space ground control operations evoke images of a bustling, fully manned room filled to the brim with expensive hardware.
COMMAND CENTER : Melanie Stricklan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Aerospace
She is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Slingshot Aerospace
Meeting Challenges For Expanded Capabilities Of Military Orbital Satellites, Robert Stanton, Director of Technology, Omnetics Corporation
The defense space theater is rapidly evolving into a race for enhanced satellite capabilities.
COMMAND CENTER : Keith Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, Spire Federal
Keith Johnson has served as Spire’s Vice President and General Manager, Federal, since August 2017.
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